AGZA Adds Kress to The AFTC Family!

AGZA AFTC LogoLOS ANGELES, Calif. – The American Green Zone Alliance (AGZA) is pleased to announce the Kress Commercial platform of battery-powered landscape maintenance equipment as AGZA Field Tested Certified (AFTC). This includes the full suite of Kress 60V handheld equipment and the revolutionary Kress Commercial CyberSystem which rapidly charges commercial-grade batteries in eight minutes. The AFTC designation marks the culmination of a four- year effort working with Kress engineers, tool designers and product managers with initial visits to Florida and California. As a first step, Kress product developers teamed up with AGZA and took the time to gather information from current users of gas and electric equipment to understand the specific needs of North American operators. The Kress platform underwent a consistent process of rigorous testing with AGZA’s network of commercial operators nationally, including daily use of tools and battery storage/charging in high heat and cold temperatures. Additionally, drop tests on batteries and tools as well as workload use in challenging springtime and fall clean ups were documented.

After two years of testing Kress 60V prosumer and commercial tools, Kress held an industry gathering at the Terranea Resort in Rancho Palos Verdes, California in October 2022. Industry OPE dealers, distributors and influencers were invited to meet Kress Global CEO and visionary Don Gao and his North American team to experience firsthand Kress’ unique rapid-charging technology, rugged tool designs, and Kress’ vision and roadmap to provide gas-alternative equipment for the professional landscape maintenance industry in North America and globally. Mr. Gao and his team have a strong pedigree with electric technologies and bring nearly 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing battery electric tools and charging systems. Todd Zimmerman, Kress VP of product development, was on hand with Gao to give an impressive presentation about the technology before treating attendees to a five-star dinner at the gala.

“The launch of the Kress brand is a turning point for the commercial OPE industry,” said Zimmerman. “The Kress 8-minute CyberSystem is the first battery platform to match the power of gas without the drawbacks long associated with battery power such as short runtimes and long charge times. Kress has made the move to battery possible for commercial landscapers with this proprietary technology.”

AGZA Founder and President Dan Mabe was grateful to have an exclusive face-to-face sit down with Don Gao and his team to reflect on AFTC testing and understand firsthand how AGZA and Kress can help the industry through the transition from gas to battery with safe and responsible battery equipment.

“AGZA appreciates the patience and cooperation of the entire Kress team to allow us the time and resources needed to vet the Kress platform with the same process and standard as other AFTC companies have gone through,” said Mabe. “Even though the relationship with Kress began years ago, we feel we are just getting started working together to help the industry explore and implement battery electric operations.”


Kress first appeared on AGZA’s radar four years ago when we were contacted by a Kress product development manager who was curious about the AGZA AFTC Certification process.

Kress Commercial officially launched in North America at the Equip Exposition in Louisville, Ky. in October 2022.

AGZA started out by evaluating and field testing the Kress prosumer platform and then graduated to their heavy-duty commercial line. The Kress 60V Commercial platform has proven to be worthy of daily robust commercial use.


AGZA has held initial discussions with Kress to pivot to independent testing of Kress Robotic Mower Systems powered by a proprietary Kress real-time kinematic (RTK) network. AGZA understands robotics is rapidly becoming a viable mowing option for the commercial OPE industry. After gathering some initial independent data and firsthand demonstrations by Kress field reps, AGZA is eager to get started on the AFTC testing process for the Kress Robotic Mower System. Additionally, AGZA will work with Kress as it does with other AGZA AFTC manufacturers to partner on industry education and training endeavors.


The entire suite of Kress Commercial tools and rapid charging systems has undergone the AGZA Field Test Certification (AFTC) process. Kress and any other AFTC manufacturer who releases a new tool within the platform are required to provide samples for AGZA to test. As long as the battery voltages and compatibility have not changed, and new tools can “interface” with the original platform, AFTC status does not change.


Kress 60V has achieved AFTC Certification for both prosumer and professional/commercial battery electric platforms. AGZA rigorously evaluates and tests each such platform to help consumers make informed purchasing decisions and realize a return on their investment. Consumers are inundated with marketing campaigns from companies who invest more in SEO and social media instead of long-term focus on manufacturing high quality tools. Kress has assured AGZA they are dedicated to our industry and see themselves as a pinnacle brand in the battery OPE sector for years to come.


The new Kress Commercial 8-minute CyberSystem™ battery platform was engineered and designed specifically to meet the demanding needs of commercial landscapers.

The system features both 4Ah and 11Ah battery packs with the ability to recharge each 60V battery pack to 100% charge in only 8 minutes or 80% charge in 5 minutes, the fastest re-charge of any commercial battery system available.

Each 60V CyberPack battery is capable of producing up to twice the power output of standard lithium-ion batteries. The added power output allows Kress OPE to meet or exceed the same performance as comparable commercial gas-powered machines but with less noise and zero harmful emissions.

All Kress tools are backed by a three-year warranty and Kress Commercial batteries and chargers are covered for six years – an industry leading offering.

AGZA cannot stress enough that our credibility depends on our voice remaining independent. We test and vet tools from manufacturers who recognize the value of our field certification, which allows us to provide testing outcomes and data to homeowners, professionals, municipal, and academic institutions. We insist on the most candid feedback from operators — both positive and negative. That is our only guide in determining which brands are truly viable to replace gas machines for one yard and large- scale electric operations.