Product Review

Bobcat® Zero Turn Mowers – Precision & Power for Professional Results

It’s not just a job. It’s your livelihood. It’s your turf. Results matter – and your mower matters. So, equip yourself for success with the best commercial zero-turn mower in the industry. Bobcat® zero-turn mowers bring durability, maneuverability, productivity and business-boosting, homeowner-empowering performance to revolutionize your turf maintenance capabilities. We’ve engineered the ultimate cut with three innovative cutting decks, including the top-of-the-line AirFX™ deck that increases vacuum and lifts grass to the cutting blade for a sharp, uniform cut that turns heads and earns you more business. Whether you rely on your mower to make money for your business, or make your property the envy of the neighborhood, with Bobcat, you’re backed by one of the best names in the business.

Whether you’re a lawn care professional or a homeowner looking to create your own professional-grade results, Bobcat offers a lawn mower designed to tackle your most challenging mowing needs with precision, ease and the perfect cut.

Bobcat® zero-turn mowers are engineered for durability and equipped with innovative cutting decks to give you a professional edge. With a wide range of residential and commercial zero-turn mower models – including the stand-on ZS4000 and the walk-behind WB700 – there’s a Bobcat mower for every operator and mowing application.

And, with an industry-leading warranty unmatched by the competition, nothing stands between you and a flawless cut – day after day. When you buy from Bobcat, you know you’re backed by one of the best names in the business.

The Zero-Turn Mower Line-up
With the introduction of zero-turn mowers, the leader in compact construction equipment has brought industry-leading toughness to turf with a full lineup of Bobcat® zero-turn mowers.

Engineered for rugged durability and equipped with innovative cutting decks, Bobcat zero-turn mowers are designed to keep you and your crews productive and profitable. And, with an industry-leading warranty unmatched by the competition, nothing stands between you and getting the job done.

Whether you rely on your mower to generate business income or to maintain your property, you’re backed by one of the best names in the business.

Each Bobcat zero-turn mower is equipped with innovative technology and cutting decks to give you a professional edge. Bobcat has a mower that’ll leave you a cut above the rest.

Available Models: ZT2000ZT3000ZT3500ZT6000ZT6100ZT7000

Pro-Grade Engine Performance
Summon all the pro-grade power you need to get more done. With versatile, high-performance Kawasaki engines ranging from 23 hp to 37 hp, you get the engine performance you need to power through job after job – faster and more efficiently. Bobcat zero-turn mowers deliver the power and speed you need for hours of uncompromising mowing that leaves your work a cut above the rest.

Commercial-Grade Transmission
Bobcat zero-turn mowers feature superior Hydro-Gear® hydrostatic transaxles that deliver more torque, more output, more speed as well as smooth and steady mowing power – whenever you need it. Shift into high gear with maximum output torque and ground speeds. Step on the gas and see how a Hydro-Gear drive system keeps your machine’s transaxles performing at optimum output levels with improved control while reducing vibration and noise. The Hydro-Gear drive system is a major shift forward.

Engineering the Perfect Cut
There’s a lot that goes into engineering the perfect cut – and it goes beyond just the cutting blade. It takes ingenuity, innovation and intelligence working in harmony. From deep deck designs and their unique geometries to patented baffle, airflow and vacuum-seal technologies – Bobcat zero-turn mower cutting decks deliver a quality of cut virtually no other zero-turn mower can.

Fully Loaded Fuel Capacity
Fitted with a rugged, roto-molded, impact-resistant fuel tank with 3.8-gallon capacity, you have all the juice you need for hours of unstoppable mowing power – no matter how many acres you mow through.

Comfort and Control All Day Long
The comfort command center optimizes the zero-turn mowing experience by putting responsive, ergonomically designed controls right where you need them – at your fingertips. When tackling tough jobs, the comfortable suspension seating and innovative anti-vibration technology will give you hours of unmatched ride comfort.

All-Day Ride Comfort with Suspension Seating
Designed to keep you mowing comfortably all day long, our command center-style seating features a mechanical bucket seat with weight dial and armrests. The overall design snugs against your form to keep you secure in the driver’s seat. For the deluxe experience, the ZT7000 zero-turn mower includes additional high-density foam arm rests, extra lumbar support and innovative anti-vibration footplate technology.

Zero-Turn Mower Accessories
A large selection of accessories for your Bobcat zero-turn mower are available to help you save even more time, enhance operation and create the professional finish you’re looking for. Zero-turn mower accessories include mulching baffle kits, grass collection systems, a lawn striping kit, a ROPS Kit, magnetic light kit, a ZT hitch kit and no-flat caster wheels.

Maintenance Made Easy
Bobcat Company’s innovative rotating bumper design makes oil changes and routine engine service a walk in the park. Engineered for easy maintenance, the bumper on the ZT7000 and the ZT6100 rotates out to give you instant access to a 4-bolt, sub-assembled engine as well as critical drive system components. Whether you’re servicing the engine or drive system, maintenance and belt changes can be done easily with fewer steps and fewer tools than any other zero-turn mower. At the end of the day, that translates to more work done and less downtime in the shop.

Tough Jobs. Tougher Equipment
You expect your machines to be as resilient as you and your crew are. That’s what you get from Bobcat zero-turn mowers. They’re built with heavy-duty, tubed steel framing that provides maximum durability to keep you on the job – and out of the shop. Our mowing decks, constructed with heavy-gauge fabricated steel, also are tough enough to handle everything commercial jobs can dish out.