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Two machines in one with the new Screencore Trident 125 Hi-Stak

Producing accurately sized aggregates in the mining, quarrying, recycling and demolition industries is essential, as is the ability to produce massive stockpiles of material. Although mobile screens have their own integrated stockpiling conveyors, they are generally compact and often need to be augmented by separate specialist stockpilers.  This is unproductive, inefficient, and of course expensive. To overcome this, Screencore has combined precision screening and enhanced stockpiling with the introduction of New Trident 125 Hi-Stak.

Providing the highest levels of precision screening efficiency, Screencore’s Trident range of scalper screens is renowned globally for toughness, adaptability, high performance and screening excellence. Members of the range are known for the ability to handle heavy duty operations, being an industrious piece of equipment designed for scalping and precision screening. With an exceptionally large screen area and high-capacity performance, Screencore’s range of scalper screens deliver a robust capability to withstand vast amounts of material, making them a favourite in such industries such as quarrying aggregate production, surface mining, construction, and recycling.

Best of both worlds

Being able to produce high quality accurately sized aggregates is essential today, whether its materials from a surface mine, quarry or an aggregate plant, or recycled construction materials from highways, demolition or recycling operations. The Screencore range of scalper screens has developed a reputation for advanced screening globally, being tough, productive, environmentally friendly and accurate. Likewise, the Screencore range of stockpilers has been developed to deliver huge stockpiles of m

aterials, working with their own on-board power unit, or powered by a crusher, screen, or plug in mains or genset.

Despite the excellence of the individual product ranges, in order to combine the attributes of precision screening and scalping with large material stockpiles, two pieces of equipment are required: a screener and a stockpiler. Now however Screencore has combined stockpiling and scalping-screening with the introduction of the new Trident 125 Hi-Stak.  This machine is a first, combining the benefits of an advanced scalper screen with the stockpiling capabilities of an advanced stacker.

Two machines in one

The new Screencore Trident 125 Hi-Stak really is in a class of its own. It combines the benefits of a modern heavy-duty primary screen with the obvious benefits of a 24m stacker. Essentially, customers get two machines in one resulting in remarkable reductions in carbon emissions, substantial fuel savings, and the elimination of the need for double-handling fines.

The Hi-Stak is set to revolutionize efficiency across various primary screening operations. Whether it’s within the confines of a quarry, sand and gravel operation, or dealing with soil and mulch, its capacity to effortlessly screen and stockpile large quantities of fines without necessitating double-handling or the creation of a wheel-loader stockpile is hugely beneficial. Furthermore, and in common with all new Screencore products, it aligns perfectly with Screencore’s objective of prioritizing carbon-reduction.

The Hi-Stak is now available for shipping globally after an intensive testing and development programme.

Trident 125 Hi-Stak technical details

Imperial Metric
Cat3.6 Tier4,StageV 130hp
12’x5’ top and bottom deck screenbox
44” wide heavy 4-ply feed belt
48” wide fines conveyor with twin OMV500drive
48” heavy chevron overs belt
32” chevron middles belt
Check valves on lift ramps
15’ tracks
Cat walks both sides (fixed)
Available in dual-power
Transport width 10’2”
Cat 3.6 Tier 4, Stage V 100kW
3,700mm x 1,550mm top and bottom deck screenbox
1,100mm wide heavy 4-ply feed belt
1,200mm wide fines conveyor with twin OMV500 drives
1,200mm heavy chevron overs belt
800mm chevron middles belt
Check valves on lift rams
4,700mm tracks
Fixed catwalks both sides
Available in dual-power
Transport width 3094mm


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About Screencore

Screencore was founded in order to provide modern mobile material processing equipment with the customers’ real requirements in mind. Designed and manufactured in Northern Ireland in the heart of the mobile crushing and screening world, the company has in recent years produced a product range that is marked by its versatility, ease of use and productivity. With a senior management team that has been involved in mobile crushing and screening since its inception, Screencore now has a distributor team that spans the world. In the coming years, the product range will be added to in order to provide customer focused solutions across the world.